How to set Up Cash Flow Projections, Podcast #6

By Chuck Bartok | May 25, 2011

Today we offer Review of Podcast #6

The Podcast featured on this post is discussing Budgeting and Cash Flow Projections for your NEW business or the modification of an existing enterprise.

Seems so many aspiring entrepreneurs today are jumping into opportunities to supplement or replace diminished or lost income. Beginners Marketing Class focuses on the importance of written Business Plans and the development of realistic BUDGET and Cash Flow Projections, WRITTEN DOWN, prior to “jumping”into the next exciting Opportunity to become financially Independent.

Cash Flow Projections are simple to design. It takes common sense and a realistic approach to business. Example can be found in Volume One of Beginners Marketing Class, Follow the Charts. For a free copy, visit my other blog, You Can Build IT and subscribe to the valuable Newsletter.

The following screen captures show the first couple months and then the last two on a 9 month Cash Flow Projection for a project I started in 2007:
Cash Flow ProjectionsMonths in between are found in Volume One
Provision Your Ships

Cash Flow Projection

Listen To the Podcast Below
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Beginners Marketing Class Talk Show

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Podcast #2 Beginners Marketing Class

By Chuck Bartok | February 24, 2011

Thanks for listening to Podcast #1 of Beginners Marketing Class Talk Show.

That was from February 14, 2008.

We have spent a lot of hours since then, discussing all aspects of Creating, Implementing and Growing a Business.

This week episode focused on the importance setting up a realistic Cash Flow projections and working Budget, and discussing the importance of the Business Plan. The secret is to WRITE it down. The book Mentioned, Vol 1,  Beginners Marketing Class is available for Free by signing up to our newsletter. Go to You Can Build It and sign up at opt-in on the right.

Chapter 4 of the Master Key is mentioned several Times in the Beginners Marketing Class Podcast. This book was instrumental to Napoleon Hills income success in 1919.

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And receive YOUR free copy of The Master Key

To listen to the Podcast from Beginners Marketing Class Talk Show, February 21, 2008 on more Business planning Click below

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Beginners Marketing Class Podcast #1

By Chuck Bartok | February 19, 2011

Several years ago we started a weekly Podcast offering an open talk forum on the requirements of Creating, Implementing and Growing a Business

It was truly a Beginners Marketing Class.

Starting off with the basics.

We will be publishing the Archives of the Beginners Marketing Class Talk Show on this blog on a regular basis

The episode listed below gets the ball rolling and introduces the Premise of future Podcasts, focusing on the development of a Business Plan. If anyone would top download any or all of the episodes just Visit Beginners Marketing Class Talk Show

It Takes a few moments to Buffer the Player

One comment regarding the IMPORTANCE of the Business Plan is, in the USA, having a written and up to date Business Plan establishes the eligibility of Many Tax Deduction allowed.

For more information on the Tax Deductions Download the Featured FREE Resource on You Can Build It

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Niche Marketing Profits Classroom, a product review

By Chuck Bartok | January 21, 2011

Niche Marketing has always been FUN for me.

It offers an opportunity to Create Products or

affiliate with the Products created by others,

regarding the things I love to do, as a hobby

or avocation.

Since coming on the Internet several years ago I had to learn a new series of methods, tools and steps to effectively be involved in Niche Marketing.

That learning curve required Time, Energy and a considerable amount of Capital; but the end result has been satisfactory. A while back I came across  Niche Marketing Classroom membership platform, created by a brilliant young marketer, Adam Short. Adam’s program offers training and the opportunity to have income generating sites, from various HOT Niches. Adam has a reputation for creating successful products, and although I have not needed service, I understand the customer service is good.

According to Yaro Starak, Blogging Expert:

Although Adam is not unique in what he does – there are plenty of niche marketers out there – his system is by far one of the simplest I’ve found and he was particularly good at explaining it on this call. He doesn’t hold anything back during the interview, there are no secrets, and you will even learn what are some of the specific niches and websites he uses to make money currently.

If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t feel capable of establishing dominance in one market and you’re looking for a system of making money with websites in topic areas that you are not necessarily interested in, this could be the answer. After listening to the interview you will definitely have an idea of how it’s done.”

The 2 Part Audio Interview with Adam Short is below
Part 1 Yaro and Adam
Part 1 Yaro and Adam
Part 2 Yaro and Adam
Part 2 Yaro and Adam

Again if you are looking for a simple easy to follow program, designed to generate Niche profits, I would encourage you to sign of the

14 Day  Trail
Of Niche Profits Classroom

WARNING: As always, I am compelled from the Nanny State to remind you: should you chose to purchase any other products I have created, or are affiliated with in this post or on this site, I may earn some money. Hope you knew that is why I am in Business, but the products are of relative value in my opinion

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Do Networked Blogs work?

By Chuck Bartok | January 16, 2011

I am a Fan of Networked Blogs
Here is why:

After spending a couple years testing and tweaking the Blogsphere,  I came to the conclusion that blogging can easily Become the HUB of all Internet Marketing programs with Inbound Marketing spokes, always pointing to the BLOG.

The down side is, the consistent time and energy that Fresh Content and Research require, especially for the part time marketer who is enjoying outside Income, while Building their Business. Grabbing the search engine domination and generating traffic is doable, but usually takes more time than most eager marketers want to consider

In December, 2009 we started a Blog to experiment on use of Themes, premium Plugins and Search Engine Optimization The Blog rose quickly through the Rankings and has generated comfortable traffic. Also had 478 positive comment throughout the year.

Here is the link:

You will notice that we use it as a Membership content delivery site and the lead Capture page has generated over 3,000 Opt-ins for the Newsletter and FREE product.

The data collected and experience gained prompted the Group at 2 Gain Sales Matters to utilize the power of 3.0 version of Word Press and set up a Networked Blog System. The subscription provide a SET up WordPress system, loaded with Premium Plugins, choices of SEO favorable Themes and a Minimum of ONE Professionally written UNIQUE, relevant-to-topic, post per week.

Watch the short Video on Network Blogs

There are currently 20 keyword rich Niche domains available and the personal support is incomparable.


Read the Detail and results of existing subscribers and start your Blogging HUB today

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The Secrets of Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich

By Chuck Bartok | December 21, 2010

Many of you know my affection for the great

book by Napoleon Hill, published in 1937,

Think and Grow Rich.

Since 1960 I have found Think and Grow Rich to provide the Road Map to a comfortable lifestyle created by establishing my Definite Major Purposes, Freedom and Helping Others.

Our regular Tuesday Podcast Talk Show, the Focus Society of Overachievers, has been discussing Napoleon Hill, Charles Haanel’s, The Master Key, Orison Swett Marden’s, The Miracle of Right Thought, and several other classics of the Self-Development Genre.

But in the past 6 weeks we re-visited and discussed the 7 Steps to find the SECRET of Think and Grow Rich.

Listen to the Talk show Podcast below and find out how to:

Fix in your Mind the exact amount of money (or other major goals) you DESIRE. It is not sufficient to be broad, one MUST fix a DEFINITE Goal. There is a powerful Psychological reason for this Definiteness

Listen to Talk Show Below

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